We the people
of our beautiful Earth.

Reconomy engages us in a massively-multiplayer, collaborative quest to build global sustainable prosperity by developing local renewable energy resources to grow self-sustaining, prosperous communities everywhere.

1. The Best Technology.

This begins at our Global Timebank [2], where our members trade knowledge and services within a living library, hour-for-hour, using the award-winning and free Cyclos community banking software. This time-credit is also awarded for helping grow and administer this global trading platform, and to scale it to local communities. And each community platform can then be uniquely configured to use either time-credit or local money. The result is a self-managing, self-scaling, open-source tool that gives each individual or community member the opportunity to pursue their personal dream for their future.

2. A New Kind of Money.

Reconomy time-credits or local money is SunMoney. It can't be used outside its own trading platforms, so it stays in the community. But the value of this local money within the community platforms is tracked in units equivalent to the national currency, rather than time-credits, so it can be used side-by-side with national currency when trading goods and services locally. As with our Global Timebank, local credit is awarded for growing membership and helping others use this network.

3. A Community Marketspace.

SunMoney is also awarded for helping build and manage People Power Stations (PPS) [3], which are our community-based makerspaces, serving as a common area where renewable energy and other local resources are developed and traded.

Each PPS significantly discounts the renewable energy it generates, and one additional vital service or essential commodity, when traded for Reconomy's community credits, resulting in a demand for both the energy and the credits. This access and demand both empowers and impels communities to develop and steward all their human and natural resources: water, food, sanitation, education, housing, human and natural habitat, art, etc - anything and everything that can be accomplished when people and communities have continuous access to energy, money, and a global network of mutual support.

To acquire technology and other tools that might not be possible to produce locally, such as mobiles and high-tech energy systems, our members can individually or collaboratively purchase these using national currency earned through sales to persons whom choose to pay with national currency or with a combination of local and national currencies. Members can also contribute appropriate technology to their local PPS, and the equivalent value is recorded as community credits in the contributor's personal or group account. The greater buying power[4] of money in emerging economies multiplies the advantage of Reconomy credits by as much as 500%, thus providing a bonus that helps members profit as entrepreneurs in a fair trade manner by focusing support in the developing communities where its most needed.

Reconomy's Global Timebank
is free to join and use.
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