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People Power Stations pay people with local credit (SunMoney) to develop local renewable energy for their communities, and then discount the energy when traded for the local credit. This discount creates a demand for the credit, which works right beside national money but stays in communities.

Our Global Timebank connects our members in a network of motivated, mutual support where they earn an hour of credit for an hour of sharing knowledge and skills (tax-free) around the globe or down the street.

One Bicycle per Person addresses the tremendous unmet need of billions of persons for affordable bicycles. Our People Power Stations support social enterprises that provide this community-scale transportation to any person whom wants and needs a bicycle.

By combining these powerful tools - clean energy and community credit, a global network of mutual support, and green transportation - Reconomy
builds community marketplaces that empower us to develop and protect our human and natural resources. The result is local sustainable prosperity - a self-scaling model. And a world filled with sustainable, prosperous communities is a sustainable, prosperous world.

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